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All of our Raw Crystals are Sustainably Sourced.


Our products are always Organic, Sustainable and Palm Free. We use local ingredients whenever possible. 







Celestite is a new age stone, it was just recently discovered and is said to be a teacher of the new age. Those who utilize its high vibration have received messages and universal truths.   It is most commonly utilized to connect with our angels as it has direct connections with the angelic realm. It has been said to have many physical and emotional healing properties. Emotionally, just touching Celestite can help a heart to heal and be pure. It also has great healing effects on one's aura. 


The high vibration of this stone resonates with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras; making it an excellent stone to utilize during meditation. Set your intention before you meditate and let the energy of Celestite connect you to high realms. Sleep with this stone next to you for a restful nights sleep. 



Raw Celestite

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