Herkimers are known to be a stone of Attunement, and can be used to attune oneself with another person or environment.

It can help energy healers attune to their clients in first time sessions by the practitioner and client each holding one together a few moments before the session,after the session the practitioner can gift the Herkimer held by the client for continued attunement.
The Herkimer diamond can assist one in telepathy and it also stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

Herkimer Diamonds allow for multidimensional consciousness, creates a way for high spiritual connections and attunes one to a higher vibration
Herkimers help to alleviate tension within and align the energy of the energy bodies (aura etc) and stimulate self healing. Herkimers can inspire powerful soul healing
Herkimer Diamonds also help to protect against EMF and Geomagnetic pollution

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Herkimer Quartz HRK1