This listing is for five assorted hair pins! We are currently utilizing gold hair pins as they are more sturdy than the silver and tend to bring out the colors of the stones more. Our hair pins retail for $13 each. 


This is a raw stone which is the purest form, a stone in its raw form produces more energy. After I handle the stone it is cleansed and then recharged with Reiki Energy. 


Because these are raw stones, the sizes may not match up perfectly. I do my best to pair together sizes, shapes and colors of each stone, however, they are raw and rough so they will not match perfectly. 


Each pair is handcrafted, we do custom orders as well. 


DISCLAIMER: Gemstones and Crystals are known for their energy healing properties, we simply are just putting what is already known out into the world. Gemstones will not cure you, they are just helpers. Their energy mixes with yours to help aid you in whatever you may be looking for, whether it is to become more positive, help with depression or a physical illness. With that being said, we urge you to seek a professionals help and not rely solely on your stone. These stones are simply meant to help aid in the process.

Assortment of 5 Crystal Hair Pins