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Services we Offer

Aura Cleansing

Throughout our lives, we encounter many different people and energies. We are susceptible to these energies, even negative energy. These energies can build up over time which can affect your mental health, along with your physical and emotional health too.  Often times an abundance of negative energy can result in unwanted anger, aggravation, and even confusion. An Aura Cleansing is a ritual that removes the unwanted, collected negative energies from your field. With a mixture of Reiki, crystal healing, and energy work, your aura will be cleansed and recharged. 

Home Cleansings

If you have unwanted energies in your house, we can help. We know how helpless one can feel when overruled by negative energies, we have been there.  We will utilize a mixture of crystals and sage to get the job done. Home cleansings are also a good idea when moving into a new space or just for maintenance. 

Energy Work

Energy is the universal life force. Everything around you is energy, including yourself. It only makes sense to heal with the same source. Energy work can be many things, a chakra clearing, intuitive Reiki, or more. If you are looking for energy services, contact us and we can discuss what it is you believe is needed. 

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