Covid & Shipping


Due to the state of our nation, we have been experiencing supply chain and postal service challenges. Supply Chains are running much slower with the uprise in COVID cases, making it harder to obtain supplies needed. What used to be weekly delivery is now bi-weekly or later. There have also been longer shipping times through USPS. 

Once you have placed an order we cannot cancel it if it has gone to production. With supplies being limited across the nation, when you place an order you are agreeing to those supplies and we are obtaining them on your behalf. We also will not be accepting returns during this time. We will, however, replace items that may break during shipping. Each situation is different and we will try our hardest to make you happy! 


Due to these challenges and incredibly high demand, all new orders are experiencing significant delays. Due to the current situation, we encourage you to book your orders in advance through the remainder of the year. We wanted to make you aware of our shipping situation so that you are better able to plan your future Lotus Lava orders.

We are working on ways to make this process smoother and faster. You may see a change in packaging and the elimination of certain items. For wholesale customers, if we are short on a product, we will most likely substitute it with another like product in its place to get your order out to you as soon as possible. Especially as we get closer to the Holidays!  We don't want to make you wait for another production week. This is to ensure we can get you the items you love in a more timely fashion. We appreciate you all!